I have just attended a three day training program in Adilabad along with our farmer representatives and trainers.  The training session was about plant protection using organic farming methods. The idea is to extend the range of practices which our farmers are aware of so that they can protect their crops against a greater number of plant diseases.

Farmer trainers carry out weekly lessons in the field so that all the Zameen farmers receive important information on how to protect their crops. This is an important system Zameen uses to educate their farmers; we feel that it is very important for farmers to work together to teach one another.

The staff were all very enthusiastic to learn about new organic sprays, which they can make themselves, to protect their cotton plants and increase their cotton yields. They have also been encouraged to make better use of intercropping (when another plant such as soya or lentils is planted next to the cotton plants) techniques to help their cotton plants.

The training session was a great success and we hope that this will be proved with increased cotton yield both this year and in the years to come.

G.Venkat Raman
Technical Coordinator
AOFG Cotton Project