At Zameen we have built a model to mainstream sustainability that should work across continents and across commodities. To test whether this is really true we are keen to learn about similar experiences in Africa and Latin America. If you see anything happening which looks like what we’re doing PLEASE let us know!

One of the networks where many likeminded “triple bottom line” enterpreneurs exchange notes is Progreso Network and there is a wealth of field guides and videos for everyone who is serious baout working alongside smallscale farmers to conquer the world: see these videos.

Zameen recently won an award which allowed us to make a 10 min video about our model for market access to share with other Fairtrade producer organisations worldwide. It includes interviews with our favourite UK brands like Pants to Poverty, EPONA and House of Tammam, footage of the GSM Ethical Fashion Forum event in London and a brief summary of how we think pro poor trade can work:

1 mobilise smallholder farmers

2 find a suppluy chain to process your raw material into fashion

3 find people who can help sell your product

4 trial orders with brands

5 deepen relations with brands to achieve mutual win win

The film is almost ready so watch this space!!